Do you have a 7-figure business with a $1,500-$60,000 offer you'd like to sell more of? Then keep reading as I reveal how...

For The Right Business, I'll 100% Fund A Sales Campaign & Do All The Work To Add $50k-$100k/Month To Your Bottom-Line In About 30 Days...

Afterwards, You Just Write Me a Check from The Revenue I Bring You.

...I Don't Get Paid Unless YOU Get Paid!

(Update: Right now we're fully booked until August.  Click the button above to be put on the notification list)

Here's How It Works

You're probably wondering... "Alright Sean, this sounds too good to be true.  How does it work?"  
I'm glad you asked.  Here's how simple it is...


Tell Us What You Sell 

We'll help you reposition your offer to ethically charge 2-3x more for the same thing.  Our sweet spot are offers in the $1.5k-$60k range.


We Create Your Rainmaker

We'll use our proprietary Rainmaker™ & T3™ sales campaigns to craft demand-generating copy that will have your Stripe/PayPal ringing.


We Close The Deals For You

Our Phoneless Enrollment Team will enroll clients into your offers using email, live chat, and direct mail... without you lifting a finger.


You Pay Us From New Sales

No empty promises or expensive monthly retainers that don't bring results.  You only pay us from the new sales we bring you.

Who I'm Looking For...

While I'd love to work with every company I come across, here's what I'm looking for in potential partners:

  • You've been operating 18+ months
  • ​You have a 500+ customer list
  • ​You sell multiple offers with at least one in the $1.5k - $60k range
  • ​You have a 5-star reputation and your product/service MUST deliver on its promise
  • ​You have the capacity to handle 10-50 new premium clients every month
At the end of February 2020 I launched an info product business selling an ebook and course teaching entrepreneurs how to start an online service-based business and get clients.  

Using a mixture of content, some YouTube advertising, and email marketing... 
I was able to grow the company to over $25k per month in less than 2 months.  75% gross profit with 47% of sales coming via email marketing.  

Prior to this I started and grew it to $37k MRR in 5 months, and grew a collection of niche fashion e-commerce stores to $1M in sales in less than 12 months.  All of my businesses were grown using email marketing. 
Client: Myself :-) Sean Anthony

Solution: Info product helping entrepreneurs get clients.

Niche: Freelancers and service-based entrepreneurs.
Linh and team had a fantastic product that they just secured a series A funding round for.  However, they had no  system in place to take it to the market and line up meetings with their target customers.  With investors wanting to see traction, they needed to implement a customer acquisition strategy quickly.
We dialed in their ideal customer profile, crafted a killer outbound leadgen messaging sequence, and installed an outbound prospecting system across LinkedIn and email that would generate meetings with mid-market and enterprise level marketing executives. 

Using our system they averaged 17 qualified meetings per month with companies like Netflix, ESPN, and Disney and closed an enterprise deal within 4 months. 
Client: Linh - Founder

Solution: AI SaaS driving revenue lift for digital marketers.

Niche: Digital marketing executives
Brett is the executive director of a B2B marketing agency who relied heavily on personal network and referrals for new clients. After a down year in 2018 of inbound clients, they needed a way to predictably go out to their market and drum up new leads.  They tried Google Adwords, email, LinkedIn and a variety of strategies prior to engaging with us... but couldn't get any traction.
We helped them clearly identify their ideal client, crafted powerful outbound messaging, and performed multi-channel outreach over LinkedIn and email engage their target prospects.  

Using our system they averaged 14 qualified meetings per month with mid-market companies in the Tech, Industrial, and Manufacturing verticals. Over $350k in qualified sales opportunity generated in the first 2.5 months.
Client: Brett - Founder

Solution: B2B growth planning and marketing implementation.

Niche: Mid-market Tech, Industrial, and Manufacturing executives
Pam is an awesome entrepreneur.  She's a B2B marketing consultant, speaker, and educator who's spoken on stage at some of the top industry events. Before engaging us Pam relied solely on inbound inquiries for her services and was struggling to identify and engage with the right people. 
We helped her clarify her message, identify her ideal client, sharpen her offer, optimize her LinkedIn profile copy to attract and convert her market, whipped up some lead gen messaging for booking meetings, and installed a multi-channel prospecting system across LinkedIn and email.

Using our system she 13 qualified leads per month with mid-market companies in the Tech, Manufacturing, and Financial Services verticals.  Like many of my clients, I consider Pam a personal friend.  
Client: Pam - Founder

Solution: Consulting and speaking on content marketing and sales enablement. 

Niche: Mid-market and enterprise Tech, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Financial Services executives.

Meet The Founder

Sean Anthony

Aloha!  I think it's weird to talk in the 3rd person so I'll just lay it straight to you if that's cool?  Alrighty... so I started in 2017 as a marketing agency, helping local businesses generate more leads and customers.  

In 2018, I launched a new outsourced prospecting service that leveraged automated email campaigns and LinkedIn to generate qualified meetings for high-ticket B2B businesses.  I scaled that service offering to a mid 6-figure run rate within 5 months.

Prior to I grew a collection of niche fashion e-commerce stores from $0-$1M in sales in less than 12 months before selling to a private buyer.  I also launched an info product business in February 2020 and grew it to over $25k per month in less than 2 months.  

The next step at is to help other info product businesses scale with email.  I have a passion for self-education and want to help other legit entrepreneurs in the industry get their products out to more people who need it while making a handy profit in the meantime. 
My gorgeous future wifey Jackie and I in NYC after we got engaged.  Should have been married by now but... COVID n' stuffs.

Sean Anthony

You know how every business wants to make more money?

And you know how there are 1000's of agencies with their hands out happy to take money upfront and burn their client's money on ads and other expenses promising them more business... but NEVER with a guarantee of actually getting them more business?

Well I thought it was about time to change that.  I get people more business, sometimes 6 and 7 figures more business in one 30 day campaign, but I only get paid after I bring in the money, plus I front 100% of the expenses out of my OWN pocket. 

I'm not always successful, but my partners have never lost a dime :-)

Your compadre,

Sean Anthony

**I am fully booked until August, but if you'd like to get to know me a bit better and get some of my strangely different strategies for getting new business, I'd love to see you in my FB group:

Here's How It Works

So at this point you're probably wondering... "Alright Sean, how TF does it even work?"  I'm glad you asked. 
Let's dive into that now. 

Step 1: Laser Target Only Your Dream Customers

In this step we get super duper crystal clear on who it is you're targeting.  Most people say "everyone"... but not us.  We'll do everything we can to make sure you're swimming in a blue ocean. 

Step 2: Install Your Revenue-Generating Sequences

We craft you a few killer email sequences that quickly turn window shoppers into paying customers. 

Step 3: Install Your Retention-Boosting Sequences

We whip up sequences for you that turn buyers into repeat buyers who love your brand and become customers for LIFE.

Step 4: Craft Relationship-Building Copy

We inject your personality into every email so your customers become addicted to buying every product you put out. 

Step 6: Create A Lead Magnet That Attracts Your Best Buyers

We inject your personality into every email so your customers become addicted to buying every product you put out. 

Step 6: Create A Lead Magnet That Attracts Your Best Buyers

We inject your personality into every email so your customers become addicted to buying every product you put out. 

Want A 100% Funded & Managed Sales Campaign To Add $50k-$100k/Month In 30 Days?

I'm fully booked out until August, but click the button below to get on the notification list for when we have a spot open.


What is is one of the only pay-per-performance marketing firms that 100% funds and manages sales campaigns to enroll people into your $1.5k-$60k offers.

We only get paid when YOU get paid.
How exactly do you make me money?
We enroll clients and customers into your $1.5k to $60k programs without phone calls, webinars, or live events.

We use the written word via email, live chat, and direct mail to pre-sell and enroll.

In short, we’ve pioneered how to Pareto (80/20) out the "webinar to strategy session funnel” to the bare essence so we can just use the written word to enroll clients into premium programs up to $60,000.

We typically do this in 3 steps in a process we call the T3 System.

T1 is Pre-selling and getting HAND RAISERS.
T2 is qualification
T3 is offer, answer questions and enroll

We can “deploy” our T3 System from email, direct mail, FB groups, anywhere there is an audience.
Do you require money upfront?
No. We are truly investing money, time, years of expertise and more in your business.
How much do you charge?
Right now, we're not going to ask for equity in return for our investment (subject to change in the future).

We only get paid a piece of the direct revenue we bring you and AFTER it's sitting in your bank account.

Because every business is different, we structure our agreements on a case-by-case scenario.
Are there any long term contracts? 
No.  We can work together for as long (or short) as you'd like.
What if I don’t like working with you after we start? 
I love your frankness:-) I always set up our partnership as a “first date” to start where we run a low-key campaign, make some money together and we both get to try each other on.

If I don’t chew with my mouth open on our date and we’ve got good chemistry THEN we’ll decide if we should “go steady” or part as friends.


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